“ I think no place where human beings live has given me such an impression
  at magic isolation from all the World”
 – Edith DURHAM-

About us

Visit Theth, one of the most beautiful places in Albania and beyond. It is located in the heart of the Albanian Alps. Theth is a unique place because of the high peaks that surround  it like  a crown with a height over 2400 m ( 7300 feet) above sea level, covered by dense and diverse greenery. It is a place of numerous streams and a river with crystal clear water.
You will be amazed by marvelous nature, fresh air and the services offered by
our Hotel Restaurant Perla e Alpeve,Theth.
With 20 years of experience, the first and only hotel in Theth until now, has available 12 rooms for clients, furnished with own bathrooms and showers with plenty of hot and cold water and panoramic balconies.

For detailed information you can send a message using email addres below.

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Contact Information:

email: perlaealpeve@gmail.com

Contact 1: +355 69 35 59 422

Contact 2: +355 67 28 70 477


The prices are very reasonable
  1-3 nights the price is 30-40 euro/room ( breakfast included)

For more nights you should contact for further specification

The restaurant

At the restaurant you with find a selected menu of delicious traditional cuisine with organic products of the village, such as milk ,eggs, cheeses, meat, especially lamb on skewer, also fresh vegetables and fruits, mountain tea and honey with a special taste. The food is professionally cooked by an wood oven and may be associated with characteristic drink brandy ( raki) produced at home in variants like with grape , plum, cornel and juices of the village : strawberries, blueberries, blackberries.


In the territory of the Alpe-Al is a well organized camping with very good conditions, as for cars and RV parking. It has plenty of water, bathrooms, showers, electricity, BBQ grill for outdoor cooking only for camping etc.For clients that come for camping there are services
offered by the bar-restaurant also and other leisure facilities.
Prices for camping are : 
Vehicles with 2-4 people – 5 euro
RV – 8 euro 
For vehicles over 4 people – 10 euro.


Also  you can visit the unique sites  such as : House Museum(Shtepia Muze),
Tower of isolation ( kulla e nguimit) , Hazel eye ( Syri I kalter), the church, the grunas waterfall,
the canyon, prehistoric settlements etc.
Some of the fun things you can do in Perla e Alpeve are :
Playing pool, pingpong, foosball , volleyball, soccer, basketball free of charge
Theth offers wonderful opportunities for climbing , hiking ,fishing , canoeing , horse riding, cycling etc.
For which the hotel staff helps organize and maintain these activities.


Perla e Alpeve Theth welcomes individual tourists  and organized groups  up to 32 people.
With your request, we care for your travel to and from Theth. For this we consider your transportation from International Airports of Rinas (Tirana) and Podgorica ( Monte Negro),  and sities such as : Shkodra, Podgorica, Ulqin, Tirana and Durres.
With us your transportation will be secure and with very reasonable prices:
  2-4 people the price is 8 euro/person
for more than 4 people the price is 6 euro/person.
Kids under 7 years old travel for free.
Seniors over 65 years old pay 20% off.


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